Special character service monitoring

  • 17 February 2023
  • 3 replies

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I am monitoring the services of a server, but it has in its display name, special characters like “ç” and “~” and when I ask to verify the service, it gives the PROBLEM error, which is its way of saying that it did not identify the service.

I managed to monitor other services on the same server, but these services did not have a special character.

Any tips on how to make centreon identify these special characters?

3 replies


may be you can try to write this before your character   

with Gui       \\ç     and     \\~   

with ssh just one like      \ç   and      \~

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I test both the GUI and the CLIs of your suggestions. and it's still giving me the error:

"CRITICAL: Service problem 'Advice - Servi\ço Corporativo'" (CLI)
"CRITICAL: Service problem 'Advice - Servi\\ço Corporativo" (GUI)

Other services that do not contain these special characters such as: Ç, Ã, -, I can monitor normally;

Any other suggestions?

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A fix was added by a contributor for the windows services to decode characters before processing them.

this will be released in the next monitoring connector release.

Can you test with this new version and come back to us if this does not fix your problem ?

additionally, can you confirm your problem was on service monitoring and not on service discovery ?

Can you show us the command line used and the output of the plugin with --debug --verbose option ?