vCenter plugin Cannot find ClusterComputeResource object

  • 7 July 2022
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What does mean exactly this error “UNKOWN: Cannot find ClusterComputeResource object” with vCenter plugin ? This error appears since a new installation of vCenter. Cluster name is the same as before. 

Exact command is 

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ --plugin=apps::vmware::connector::plugin --mode=status-cluster --custommode=connector --connector-hostname='localhost' --connector-port='5700' --container='default'  --cluster-name='.*' --filter --unknown-status='%{overall_status} =~ /gray/i || %{vsan_status} =~ /gray/i' --warning-status='%{overall_status} =~ /yellow/i || %{vsan_status} =~ /yellow/i' --critical-status='%{overall_status} =~ /red/i || %{vsan_status} =~ /red/i' --verbose

Thank you.

8 replies

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Une aide svp ? Car je ne trouve vraiment pas d'où ça peut venir… Merci

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Hi,Can you try the following command:
/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ --plugin=apps::vmware::connector::plugin --mode=list-clusters --custommode=connector --connector-hostname='localhost' --connector-port='5700' --container='default'
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Hi, thanks but i have the same error. This has to do with the fresh installation of the vcenter but I don't see which one.

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HI @TeXmeX,


What is the version of the new vCenter ? Also, do you have any erros in /var/log/centreon/centreon_vmware.log ?



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@itoussies version of vCenter is The only error i have is 

2022-07-21 14:12:23 - 'default' SOAP request error - possibly a protocol issue: Status read failed:  at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Net/HTTP/ line 265.

But not when i run the check command. I think it's unrelated.



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Nobody can help me ?
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Can you upgrade to centreon-vmware 3.2.5 please? 


Make sure to also update plugins and check if the problem still occurs. 



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I upgraded Centreon to last version, no success. But i tried with PowerCLI this command

Get-View -ViewType ClusterComputeResource

And it returns nothing !  Other commands like Get-VMHost work. This should explain the reason for the Centreon error. But that doesn't solve the problem