Cannot load module

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I have this message in the /centreon/administration/extensions/manager


I have also this message in /centreon/home/dashboards/library/3


Unexpected Application Error!

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'path')

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'path')    at S (    at xu (    at Ei (    at ks (    at ys (    at vs (    at us (    at as (    at S (    at MessagePort.T ( you have some idea? 

Best answer by ograttery 15 May 2024, 10:36

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Hello, I can confirm I have the same errror after upgrading to newest release 24.04.0. Have you managed to solve this or is this a global issue?

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Hi, it look like a browser cache issue, please clean it.



I confirm that the solution of Laurent works !!!!


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Hi @Christian JUILLARD, @z123, Try @Laurent's solution and let us know if it worked for you too. And don't forget to mark his answer as BEST ANSWER.

Thanks @ograttery

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Same issue on another browser on another PC

And i found another issue on the backup of centreon


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For the backup i have this issue : 

/etc/centreon/ did not return a true value at /usr/share/centreon/cron/ line 63.


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I saw a modification after update in 24.04.01