Monitoring Server Components

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I am trying to monitor HP server components using template "HW-HP-Server-Hardware-Global-SNMP" with custom macros,

EXTRAOPTIONS = --verbose

It displays below result notifying as "checking" but not showing actual results.

Can someone please guide me on what I'm missing in this configuration.

Status information
OK: All 0 components are ok [].

Product Name: unknown, Serial: unknown, Rom Version: unknown

Checking cpu

Checking ide controllers

Checking ide logical drives

Checking ide physical drives

Checking power converters

Checking power supplies

Checking sas controllers

Checking sas logical drives

Checking sas physical drives

Checking scsi controllers

Checking scsi logical drives

Checking scsi physical drives

Checking fca host controller

Checking fca external controller

Checking fca external accelerator boards

Checking fca logical drives

Checking fca physical drives

Checking da controller

Checking da accelerator boards

Checking da logical drives

Checking da physical drives

Checking fans

Checking physical nics

Checking logical nics

Checking temperatures

Checking ilo

Checking memory

Mohammed Nawab


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Hi @mmnawab can you try to run following command with your SNMP information:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c <snmp_community> <hp_server_ip> .


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@Laurent Thanks for the response.

This info I received after running the command

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

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Your HP server is an HP Proliant or another one?

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HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10

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Hum should work, the SNMP community have enough rights to read all OIDs?

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I am stuck on the same HW-HP-Server-Hardware-Global-SNMP is still showing checking and not displaying any results.

Would highly appreciate it if someone someone could please assist.


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What is the meaning of this and what needs to be done to resolve it ?


. = undef

. = undef

. = undef

it is showing this message while trying to run HW-HP-Server-Hardware-Global-SNMP


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It means that the plugin try to get values associated to this OIDs but the SNMP of the equipment says that their is no associated value (undef).

So maybe you are not in the latest version of the firmware on your equipment or this king of equipment can’t be monitored using default HP Proliant OIDs.

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you can check component with ILO interface.

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins// --plugin=hardware::server::hp::ilo::xmlapi::plugin --mode=hardware --hostname='***' --username='supervisionilo' --password='***'  --component='.*' --verbose