Adva FSP 3000 monitor optical signal

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Im asking for ideas how to monitor a optical signal state from Adva FSP 3000.
Now im using check_snmp, but there is one issue.

When i set correct warning and critical tresholds i get lot of warnings about performance data.
(part of log from /var/log/centreon-broker/central-broker-master.log)
[perfdata] [error] invalid perfdata format in service:  equal sign not present or misplaced '@-0;-248: '

My tresholds: 

-w @-0:-40:

As i found in documentation there is no possibility to remove perfdata, or remove those @ from it.

Any ideas? 


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Can someone help? :(

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can you remove the = from your critical


-c -248:


are you using this?

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It doesn't work. Perfdata looks same as before. Example of perfdata:

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Workaround: use remore_perfdata from nagios-plugins packages.