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  • 27 February 2023
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During Network manipulations and installation our neighbor team is using API requests to force a check on a service/host, to set DOWNTIMEs…

But their token token being valid just for 10 minutes they need to get a brand new almost for every new request.


Is there a way to extend the validity of a token with Centreon ?


Thanks in advance for your answer.



  1. Farzana 

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could you look this parameter in your “centreon UI” parameters



for me it’s 60 minute here, and my token expire also in 60 minutes, I think it’s the same value for all authentification method from what I could understand in the code for the authentication model provider

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Thank you for your replay.


But apparently this value is not valid for an API token. The token for an API sessions seems to be valid just for 10 minutes whereas a Centreon UI sessions is parametered to last 120 minutes.




Farzana M

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Hi @Farzana-HUBONE token for API should be valid if you continue to send request.

Which version of Centreon do you use?

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Hello @Laurent 


OK, I take note of that point.

We currently use 21.10.13 version of Centreon.




Farzana M