Can't install Centreon NSClient WS 2016

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I recently installed a new server (windows 2016), and I simply can’t install Centreon NSClient, the install button remain greyed out (i’m running it as admin and can button isnt greyed out on another 2016 server)


I was perfectly able to install it on other 2016 servers with the same installer. I was able to install other programms on the server.


If I unzip the installer i’m able to install the standard NSClient installer.


If anyone has an idea, thank you ;)


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Maybe you could install it by CLI like indicated here


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Thx @gespada , it didn’t work but while checking if the centreon nsclient folder appeared in the programm folder I spotted a Centreon NSClient file without any extension. Removed it and i was able to install the programm with the installer normally.