Centreon Generic SNMP - Get a raw value instead of an interpretation

  • 19 July 2022
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I am currently monitoring a QNAP NAS with SNMP, and i wasn’t really satisfied with the way the QNAP plugin handled the data and i had compatibility issues with some of the functions so i decided to make my own checks for the memory utilisation.

Here’s my issue :

Basically, when i ask for the amount of free memory on my NAS with a get-snmp request, i get this value :

This is exactly what i want on Centreon since i can display this on a graph.

However, when i use the generic-snmp plugin with the same parameters, i get this…

It seems that the plugin interprets the result as “ok” without giving me the actual value. Using the --verbose flag doesn’t change the result either.

How do i formulate the snmp command to get a proper value? Here’s the syntax i use right now :

perl --plugin apps::protocols::snmp::plugin --mode string-value --hostname “IP” --snmp-version 3 --snmp-username ‘username’ --authpassphrase 'passphrase' --authprotocol MD5 --oid .

Thank you in advance.

1 reply

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Hi @Staz I’m not sure that you can have numerical value to graph with string-value mode.


What was missing in the QNAP NAS plugin?