Centreon Windows Services (SNMP)

  • 18 July 2022
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I have recently installed Centreon ( IT version), and have been adding servers via the discovery option.

Some of the services, with special characters are failing, like the print below.

Status information

CRITICAL: Service problem '^COM+ Event System'

Service pattern '^COM+ Event System': service list

i have tried changing the name, and also using the slash \ to substitute the + ou the parentesis even disabling these services, but still not working, or the next day centreon will add them again. 


could anyone help me out, on how to solve this.



Best answer by kduret 19 July 2022, 16:45

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2 replies

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You could create a rule to update the service name when it is discovered.

This can be done in Advanced tab of the service discovery rule. Documentation is here :


So, the rule could look like this :

  • String :     @SERVICENAME@
  • Regexp :  COM\+\s*(.+)
  • Replace : COM-$1

^COM+ Event System will be transformed to COM-Event System

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ok ‘ill try that


thank you