Change state (CRITICAL, OK) in term of data performance

  • 17 March 2023
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Hi all,

I want to test ETH via OID


It’s work but state stay at OK while the ETH is UP (1) or DOWN (2).


Performance data shown : 'value'=2;;0:2;; where the first “2” indicate the down status.


How to change status to CRITICAL when the performance data show 2 ?


I use and this command to test this :


$CENTREONPLUGINS$/  --plugin=apps::protocols::snmp::plugin --mode=numeric-value --hostname= --snmp-community=snmp_community --snmp-version=1 --oid= --warning=$_SERVICEWARNING$ --critical=$_SERVICECRITICAL$ $_SERVICEOPTIONS$


Thx for all.


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4 replies

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I resolve my issue by changing script cehck by :

And change $descr_table to match with ethxx :

[code]my $descr_table = '';
# pour le nom de l'eth : my $descr_table = '';[/code]

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In fact, this plugin only indicate if there is un path plugged and dident analyse the performance data which is the only information contains if my eth is connected AND ready : the "2" value in : 'value'=2;;0:2;;

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Ok, it works.


The goad is to use this plugin :

And play with max et min value and voilà !

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Grrrrr, this plugin doesn’t read perfdata… 

I want CRITICAL status when the 2 is showned here in the performance data : ''=1;;0:2;; AND on th first position : ''=2;;;;


Any idea ?