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  • 27 March 2024
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My monitoring server is warning me about CPU Ready consumption over 5% but when I calculate this value with extracted data directly picked from my vcenter, I’m not able to find the same result.

I also installed a new system which is able to graph CPU Ready and this value for a particular virtual machine doesn’t exceed 1%.

What am I doing wrong with Centreon ?

It seems that this value is multiplied by 10 in the plugin.

Thank you for your help.


4 replies

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Hi @DIAMFred,

Can you expose your issue more precisely please?

What are you monitoring? An ESXi server?

What is the command you are running?

What measure, what tool, is showing it’s wrong?



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Hi omercier,

I’m monitoring a virtual server.

I use the following plugin: /usr/lib/centreon/plugins//

I use this command:

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins// --plugin=apps::vmware::connector::plugin --mode=cpu-vm --custommode=connector --connector-hostname='localhost' --connector-port='5700' --container='default'  --vm-hostname='myvm' --filter-uuid='' --unknown-status='%{connection_state} !~ /^connected$/i or %{power_state}  !~ /^poweredOn$/i' --warning-status='' --critical-status='' --warning-total-cpu='85' --critical-total-cpu='90' --warning-total-cpu-mhz='' --critical-total-cpu-mhz='' --warning-cpu-ready='5' --critical-cpu-ready='10' --warning-cpu='' --critical-cpu='' --use-new-perfdata


To calculate the CPU Ready value, I used the website with the metrics given by my vcenter and also I used the tool DC Scope from easyvirt which is able to graph the CPU Ready consumption.

Both DC Scope and gave me the same result, but the plugin gave me different values.

What am I doing wrong ?


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Does anyone have the same problem as me ?


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What is the output the command?

With the --debug option we should hopefully get the raw data that have been collected.