ESXi and VCenter monitoring

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Hello Team

I am configuring monitoring for ESXi and VCenter servers. I have a problem with one environment where  is vcenter in version 7.0 and esxi in version 6.5 and 7.0. Is VCenter 7.0 compatible with centreon 22.04 and it should work? i get error : UNKNOWN: Cannot get response (timeout received). With the other vcenter in version 6.5 i had no such problem.

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Yes the Plugin is compatible with vCenter 7.


Could you share content from centreon-vmware.log file so we can try to find out why you got this timeout? 

Also the command line you used as the message here states that the plugin cannot connect to the Centreon VMWare Daemon. You can first check that it’s actually running (systemctl status centreon-vmware) 

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Hi, there is still the same problem with one vcenter (7.0), maybe some additional info will help to find solution.

Centreon is in version 22.04, however it was upgraded from version 21.

Centreon, where there is no problem with vcenter and ESXi hosts, is also in version 22.04 but it was installed from scratch.

running advised command i get such error:

[root@centreon1 ~]# systemctl status centreon-vmware
Unit centreon-vmware.service could not be found.

Centreon server and vcenter are in the same network.



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@sims24 any idea or advise?

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I think you have a tutorial here, it could help you to understand how to Monitor VMware with Centreon.


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hello, you are looking for this service :

“systemctl status centreon_vmware”

it’s “_” not “-” 

and it should says if it’s running or not, if it’s running you have the “logfile” path in the status

(probably /var/log/centreon/centreon_vmware.log , but may change)


if it’s not running, try running it, and verify your config in /etc/centreon/

(beware your vcenter password is there)


also did you remember to add your vcenter7 in this file?