faire communiquer mon collecteur chez un client avec mon central dans mon entreprise

  • 1 June 2023
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j’ai terminé de configuré un collecteur et serveur central dans ma société sur 2 vm hyper v. elles communiquent correctement, j’ai installé dans une autre société un collecteur sur une vm en hyper v.

vu qu’ils ne sont pas du tout dans le même réseau. quelle manipulation dois je effectuer pour qu’ils puissent communiquer ensemble. les deux sociétés ont un parefeu watchguard et j’ai ouvert les ports nécessaires.


d’avance merci


3 replies

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you should ask in english for anyone to find


what you need is a way to communicate by IP between the 2 network, usually with a permanent VPN Site-2-Site with all the correct firewall rules for the traffic in both direction


then you need to be able to connect on the distant poller by ssh, then simply add the poller in the web console by following the wizard (it will ask the ip for the distant poller and the “ip of the central server as seen from the poller” (in case you have NAT in the way)


well, simply follow this documentation, Attach a poller to a central or a remote server | Centreon Documentation

it all boils down to : are you sure you can communicate between de poller and the central using tcp/ip

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hello, there is no vpn beetween the two society

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well, then how do you plan to communicate ? (if you can describe what you were planning to do)


you need a working network, it can be over public ip (with nat/pat, preferably static ip with firewall and ip restriction)


you can use telnet / nc on the poller and the central to test your firewall rules

from central to poller, you should be able to test ping and snmpwalk (to monitor the poller) and telnet on the port 5556 (gorgoned/ZMQ)

(if you don’t have yet started gorgone, you can use “nc -l 5556” on the poller to open the port to test the communication)


from poller to central, your central server should already be listening on the broker port, 5669

so a telnet on 5669 from the poller shell to test if the port connect


and you should use these ip you validated in the new poller wizard from the documentation.