Hosts are not diplayed in ressouces status in 23.10.9

  • 22 February 2024
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since updating from v23.04 to 23.10.9, the configuration is exported but not visible in ressouces status 
example : 
I add a host
I export the configuration with reload or restart
but the host does not appear in ressouces status 
If I restart centengine service the host appears immediately
I found these errors in centreon-error.log

somebody can help me


[22-Feb-2024 17:32:22 Europe/Paris] WARNING: Warning: Undefined array key "metrics" {"exception":"[object] (ErrorException(code: 0): Warning: Undefined array key \"metrics\" at /usr/share/centreon/src/Core/Resources/Infrastructure/API/FindResources/FindResourcesPresenter.php:130)"}



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Hi amarginier,


I got the same problem with the new version, don’t understand why, but by following the error in the log file /var/log/centreon/centreon-web.log i just comment the line with the “metrics”’s key in the file (/usr/share/centreon/src/Core/Resources/Infrastructure/API/FindResources/FindResourcesPresenter.php)

Don’t forget to reboot the server.​​

And now it works perfectly, hope this will help you !

hi Tarcicius

I change the line and reboot but the problem is the same.

But i found the problem

i change the login db in the file


and it’s working

thanks to tarcicius