how monitor terminal server or Citrix Virtual Apps And Desktops?

  • 29 March 2023
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as title,


is there a way to monitor microsoft RDS farm or citrix virtual apps and desktops farm via agent nsclient++?


there isn’t a ready plugin, it’s a big absence in my opinion.


do you have some experience to share?

2 replies

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what do you want to monitor specifically?

most of the process for citrix are run as “services” on the XDC or XDA

for a RDSH farm, there is nothing to monitor specifically on the software side, all is run as services.


there are 2 things you could do, it’s monitoring activity (number of session) and there is a windows check already implemented in the centreon plugins called “Active Session”, it’s a counter check (I use nsclient restapi, but it should be available with other plugins type)

(counter name : \\Terminal Services\\Active Sessions )

it works both with citrix and rdsh


one other thing is the licences, but as I write this I realize I just have coded my own licence check and it is not shareable as is, as I use a custom powershell wrapper for nsclient


one last thing “out of the box” for centreon is the “netscaler” plugin that will give you information on the netscaler part of your citrix installation. (mostly health of the appliance and virtual server usage)


if you can identifiy “perf counter” from windows you want to monitor, then I suggest using the generic counter checks templates : 

and do your own custom template (service/host) with the specific things you want, but that’s back to my first point : what would you want to see in a “remote desktop” monitoring?

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hi thank you for your reply!


yes i’m looking for 

vda registration,

license check, (it’s a good idea about script)

maintenance on/off, 

session login error,

session login time,

a sort of “integration” with citrix director.


i think i can monitor by powershell script and nsclient++


  • remote desktop farm you already answer to me. thank you.