how to give a access right for a non-admin user to generate a CSV/PNG file.

  • 5 April 2024
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Dear, Admins,

I am an admin user to manage Centeron system who gives the admin right or the non admin right to users to allocate for thier operation works depends on thier title.

Regards to this activity, one of the non admin user clamed that he can not generate the CSV/PNG file of the specific device,because of the access right has not given.

Therefore, I need to know how to give the access right to generate the CSV/PNG file to those who give the access right to non addmin user.

Best Regards, 

※The picture below shows the non admin user has denied to generate the CSV file, because of the privilege right has not yet given.


2 replies

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when you say generate CSV/PNG, what is the exact function/menu you want to use?

there are multiple place where you can generatre images, there may be an “menu access” ACL missing for the function you want to use.



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Hi, Christophe

Thanks for your quick reply.

 I uderstand there are actually multiple menus provided to generate the image depends on what views of output, is able to customize who to have a access right depends on  “menu access” ACL customization.

In this case, I want to provide the access right for generating the image to this user is described in below.
following above path, then the user can select which one of the device that is monitored by centeron.
after selecting the specific device, in this attachemnt, some device cpu utilization has selected.
Then tried to generate the view by clicling the icon which is ensquered.
but the result of this result has shown that it was Access denied.

So that, I would like to ask you which one of the access right should be given.

Best Regards,