Latency monitoring on 2 interfaces of the same router

  • 15 May 2023
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Hello Community !

2 interfaces of a CISCO router are configured with an IP address (Gi0/0/1 = and Gi0/0/2 =

I’d like to monitor the latency to reach, with my Centreon poller, on both interfaces, Gi0/0/1 and Gi0/0/2.

Do I have to create 2 hosts (because IP are differents), which is very host-consuming, or do you know any other solution to perform the measurement ?



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5 replies

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if the interfaces are on the same device, how could you have differents latency ?

I mean in both case it’s the same device responding.

if you have a look at 

/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_icmp --help

You can add host in the same ping service, so on the same service you will have the both interface.






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In other words:

1°)duplicate the ping service with the first interface.

2°) In the ping_1 service, in extraoption, add -H “the second ip” 

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Many thanks, Jumulus, it’s exactly what I wanted to perform !

About your request, to reach the first and the second IP address of the router, we don’t use the same routing path. The consequence is a latency quite different ; with Centreon we’ll be able to measure the time difference, and it will be an help to determine the best solution to implement.

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Ok, I understand, i did nearly the same on my network.


When you have this kind of question, always try a --help on the command, in most case the answer is here ! :)

have a nice day.

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Hi @pierre1,

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Big ups to you, and a huge shoutout to @Jumulus for coming in clutch with the answer to your initial query 😉