Metrics in /var/lib/centreon/metrics: How is it calculated ?

  • 10 October 2022
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Hello everybody ,

I have a question for you .

How are calculated metrics in /var/lib/centreon/metrics



In my CENTRAL folder each files are 76K or 224K for some of them .

But for my remote serveur , each file are 2.1M and my folder is full .


I want to purge them , but they come over and over .

How to purge really ?



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5 replies

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Hi Sebastien,


The size of a RRD file is defined by this directive: 

[sims@centreon-central-vm tools]$ grep length /etc/centreon-broker/central-broker.json
                "length": "15552000",


Maybe the value is larger on your remote server than your central server. 


Even if you delete it, Broker will continue to create it again and again with the value defined in its configuration. 



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Thank you ,

I tried to put same value in my remote serveur

central-broker.json:                "length": "7776000",
rmt-ucfs01-broker.json:                "length": "7776000",


I stop cbd and centengine

I destroy my files .rrd in /var/lib/centreon/metrics .

I also reboot the remote .

every files still are 2.1 Mo and my  /var/lib/centreon/metrics  is full again …


Do you have another idea ?




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What about this on both server: 


grep insert /etc/centreon-broker/central-broker.json


I already saw that issue, just trying to remember

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Do you have the neb filter correctly set in the broker output between RS and Central?


Did you manage to find the root cause?

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It s seem option :

central-broker.json:                "length": "7776000",
rmt-ucfs01-broker.json:                "length": "7776000",


is correct after restart fro central and remote .

Maybe it miss a parameter in web ui to parameter this options