monitor ms sql server with centreon

  • 3 February 2022
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Hi thewatch hope u doing well,

i installed centreon 21.10 on centOS and everything work good and now i just check the ms sql plugin on my server (/usr/lib/centreon/plugins )

   [root@centreon-central plugins]# ls | grep sql

[root@centreon-central plugins]#


and as you see i have the plugin but on the wentreon web i can't add this service to monitor it pls if someone can help


Best answer by itoussies 9 February 2022, 12:31

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6 replies

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Please confirm that you have installed the plugin pack “Microsoft SQL Server”


And then go to the menu: Configuration  >  Services  >  Templates et fill in “mssql”


Do you see the mssql template?

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hellow sir thanks for your answer, actually this is how my interface look like,

i don’t know if i can add plugins or not cause i just download the centreon ISO file and open it with vmware, actually i have no idea how to let this mssql plugin work for me, if you have any idea pls, and thank u sir.

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Thank you for your answers. You need a valid license.

Centreon offers you the possibility to test all the features of the Centreon IT edition for free. For more information about this, go to: Set up your free IT-100 solution · Centreon documentation

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Hi sir, Thanks for your answer,

actually  i’ll start from 0 and i’ll use the open source and i need to know after complete the install and configuration  the plugins will still premieum or ther is somehow to get them for free

hopefully you get my meaning,


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Hello @iniqdev,

Centreon Plugins are open source but Centreon Plugins Packs (Hosts and Services Templates, command definitions, autodiscovery commands, etc) are not.

You can get the Centreon Plugins in the Github repository or via the Centreon yum repository.



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@itoussies Thank you sir