Old host still present

  • 21 August 2022
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I am in Centreon 22.04 version.
I deleted a host and restarted my poller but it is still present in my console.
Moreover, the addition of host works but does not appear in my monitoring console.

Thanks for your help.



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7 replies

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Hello @SteveB , is it possible that you have the host in multiple pollers? have you tried export to all?



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Hello @hmorales. No, I have an unique server which had all the role (central server and poller).

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Hi @SteveB,

Can you make sure the gorgoned service is running well?

systemctl status gorgoned

If no, please run the following commands:

systemctl enable gorgoned
systemctl restart gorgoned

Then deploy your configuration again with the restart option: the centengine service should restart and its configuration files should be updated. To make sure, run:

systemctl status centengine
ls -l /etc/centreon-engine

These commands should show that the service has been restarted and that the files have been changed recently.

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The gorgoned service is start and OK.

I have restart the centengine service but all the file are always the date of 24th June. 

All the modification are not writing !

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What happens when you export the configuration following these steps?

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It’s works !

Thanks a lot !