Permissions on tables for checking Oracle server

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Hello everyone,

When i was mounting checks for oracle server. By following the official doc of centreon i granted the following table/view rights to user centreon :

  • dba_free_space
  • dba_data_files
  • dba_temp_files
  • dba_segments
  • dba_jobs
  • v$sysstat
  • v$sgastat
  • v$parameter
  • v$process
  • v$session
  • v$filestat
  • v$log
  • v$instance

But after i launched my checks i got bunch of error messages, by observing the error messages, it appears to me that the following rights are also needed :

  • v$database_block_corruption
  • v$tempstat
  • v$rowcache
  • v_$system_event
  • v$recovery_area_usage
  • v$librarycache
  • v$sql_monitor
  • v$resource_limit
  • v$rman_status
  • v$backup
  • v$rman_status
  • v$rollstat
  • v$resource_limit
  • dba_tablespaces
  • v$tablespace
  • v$event_name
  • v$waitstat

Once these rights are granted to my user the checks work out, execpt for the check of Invalid Object as its message error is incomplete even with mode debug.

So i would like to know if someone can provide me with the remaining table/view rights that i need. And it will be better that the offcial doc can be updated for other readers.






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Hello @Zequan,

Sorry about that, we are going to update our documentation.

Following the request using for the mode Invalid Object, the user needs to have right on the following view/table:

  • dba_objects
  • DBA_MVIEW_refresh_times
  • dba_indexes
  • dba_ind_partitions
  • dba_ind_subpartitions
  • dba_registry
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Hi @huangzequan 


First, thanks for sharing your privileges so we can be more accurate in our documentation.


I’m not an Oracle DBA, but what I can tell is that we joint two table/view to perform this check

  • dba_objects
  • DBA_MVIEW_refresh_times

Try to add those to your user and let us know if it works.