Send only selected service metrics to Graphite

  • 19 February 2024
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In my production Centreon server has more than 100K services and I need to send only selected service metrics to Graphite. I’ve tried with Centreon Stream Connector LUA file. but due to heavy count of metrics, process is getting queue. Can someone give me hint to resolve this. 

1 reply

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You have filters you can use like :
accepted_hosts , accepted_metrics, accepted_hostgroups ou encore accepted_services.
Just add the parameter you need in your stream connector configuration at the gui screen (broker/output). These parameters are string. Apparently, if i trust my tests accepted_hostgroups need to be the exact host group name while for the others, you can use a pattern lua. Then reload the conf, and you should be good to go.
There are more filters you can find in some documentation somewhere.