Synology Hyper Backup

  • 22 April 2022
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Is it possible to recover the state of the backup of the Hyper Backup Package on a synology ?

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Hello @MSFC ,

Only the following “things” can be monitor actually wich SNMP on Synology:

        'components'  => 'storage::synology::snmp::mode::hardware',
'cpu' => 'snmp_standard::mode::cpu',
'ha' => 'storage::synology::snmp::mode::ha',
'interfaces' => 'snmp_standard::mode::interfaces',
'memory' => 'snmp_standard::mode::memory',
'load' => 'snmp_standard::mode::loadaverage',
'storage' => 'snmp_standard::mode::storage',
'swap' => 'snmp_standard::mode::swap',
'temperature' => 'storage::synology::snmp::mode::temperature',
'time' => 'snmp_standard::mode::ntp',
'upgrade' => 'storage::synology::snmp::mode::upgrade',
'ups' => 'storage::synology::snmp::mode::ups',
'uptime' => 'snmp_standard::mode::uptime'

Feel free to post a IDEA with the most details that you could give us (API, MIB SNMP, or a way to do it using SSH for example).

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I assume that by “recover” you meant “obtain”?

This ability can be added to the plugin (and later to the pack) only if the information is available via SNMP. I would not bet on this, but it’s worth trying.

To check that, once you have configured your Hyper Backup, run this command:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c <your_community> <ip_of_your_synology> .

To understand all the returned output, you may have to place the Synology MIB file in `/usr/share/snmp/mibs/`. Then, once you have found stuff about your backup, run this second command to get the raw OIDs and submit both results as an issue to our github repository:

snmpwalk -ObentU -v 2c -c <your_community> <ip_of_your_synology> .


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Hello , this script seems to work for hyperbackup results return :