Volatile and Flapping

  • 31 December 2021
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My question start from a passive service in relation with the traps linkDown and linkUp

From test, and reading the centreon-engine code, it seems that Volatile is checked before Flapping.

Because Passive Service are usually, and by default with plugin pack, with “Is Volatile = Yes”, the notification filter of flapping state is never executed.


So, in my case, when an interface start to flapping, the service also become in flapping state, but the engine still sent the notification.

What do you think of change the engine, notification section, so it will check flapping before volatile?



2 replies

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Hi @Dalfo,

Thank you for your suggestion!

You are right, this seems to inhibit the flapping detection.

I will ask the team to study the impact of changing this.

Stay tuned!