What Monitoring Connectors need a SNMP version 3 template?

  • 13 February 2024
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Dear Watchers,

As I said here, we experimented a new SNMP version 3 template for Linux.

We are planning to add similar SNMP version 3 templates to other monitoring connectors to make it easier to use SNMP v3 (I agree it's not ideal to use the $_SERVICEEXTRAOPTION$ macro for that) in more contexts.

What I'm proposing you here is to answer to my post by giving:

  • The name of the monitoring connector or the host template you'd like to see support SNMP v3 macros.
  • The desired security levels (noAuthNoPriv, authNoPriv, authPriv).

Then we'll prioritize the posts that will receive the highest number of "thumbs up" to deliver new templates in the monitoring connectors.

Can’t wait for your suggestions!

PS: If what you want is a template that do not exist yet as a monitoring connector, then please use the ideas section!

PPS: Please post only one suggestion per post 🙏🏻

5 replies

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I mainly use snmpv3 on some network equipement

mainly for huawei switches I use this on all 5xxx and 6xxx models : Net-Huawei-Snmp with this snmpextraoptions : 








I don’t specify the level “authPriv” which seems to be by default 

I have to set the max repetition low because on wrong password, the user is locked out for a few minutes, so having this prevent a lot of headache (but that could still be an extra option)


I also have a client with 50+ Orange Router, and Orange is asking them to switch to snmpv3, the template used is Net-Oneacces-Snmp, but I’m still waiting on them to enable this to know the settings that will be needed

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Hi @christophe.niel-ACT,

please split your post in two, so that watchers can vote for one template or the other by “liking” it 😉

Apart of the basic SNMP connector I propose the Cisco ones. (There is two of them if I remember correctly but can’t check right now which one we use).

I guess OS specifics basic (filesystems, cpu, etc…) connectors  (starting with Linux, Windows) may come first. (But I’m not sure if SNMPv3 is more common on networking equipments or classical OS hosts)

I agree with christophe.niel-ACT on the options. But the authLevel also is one of the basic SNMPv3 options, in addition of the ones he gave.

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Hi @Stéphane,

Linux v3 is already out and Windows does not support SNMP v3 ;-)

The authLevel is not supported in our plugins because it is automatically computed based on the other options given.

There are 28 Monitoring Connectors having Cisco in their name. Do not hesitate to suggest the ones that matter most to you!

>The authLevel is not supported in our plugins because it is automatically computed based on the other options given.

I do not know SNMP enough to tell it it is right or wrong, I hope it does not leave some cases (even rare corner cases) uncovered.

If the SNMP commands have this option I’d tend to think it is not always useless…