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Nowadays some pretend that companies and developers relay on AI to understand what their users need:



I can understand how IA, particularly deep-learning, can improve software on many levels, for example in Centreon, how it can help to determine and tune alert thresholds or reveal problem patterns which could else stay invisible to operators, I hardly see how it can be relevant for such type of high-level, human-oriented problems.

Does anybody has some experience in the matter?

To keep this discussion a bit Centreon centric: what do you think of the cloud-based aspect (ie: SaaS) of the IA features developed in Centreon? While it is sure that that kind of application is very often ressource intensive, it is also an obvious source of valuable data many organisms would like not to freely share but monetize themselves. The fact is a lot of companies today have the infrastructures (datalakes, distributed systems, etc…) to do so. I guess they’d like to be able to run the IA related features on their own, eventually contributing to the code but not offering their precious data for free. Even if as a matter of fact the share of data between actors has an obvious advantage for deep-learning and data-mining applications.

I wish a nice and happy weekend to everybody.

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