Windows Disk Supervision

  • 24 August 2022
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I want to monitor my D: partition on a Windows server. I use the 'OS-Windows-Disk-Generic-ID-SNMP' plugin and I set the DISKID value to 1. It is the C: drive that comes up.
With the 'OS-Windows-Disk-Generic-Name-SNMP' plugin, I set the value D: for the DISKNAME option and it's still the C: drive that comes up.
Could you help me ?
Thanks in advance

3 replies

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Hi SteveB,

If you using template provides by PP, you should already have a command like this:

… --storage='D:' --name --regexp --display-transform-src='^(..).*' --display-transform-dst='$1' --warning-usage='80' --critical-usage='90' --verbose --filter-perfdata='|used|free

Can you verify this or send us your anonymized command so we can check the syntax, please?

Also you can also test with --mode=list-storages to get the list of drives on your server (with name and id)

Kind regards

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The command with “--mode=list-storage” returns :

List storage: 
'C:\ Label:  Serial Number 883b0a96' [size = 298859884544B] [id = 1]
'D:\ Label:DATA  Serial Number f0681fb7' [size = -16363290640384B] [id = 2]

so I test the command :

/usr/lib/centreon/plugins/ --plugin=os::windows::snmp::plugin --mode=storage --hostname=10.X.X.X --snmp-version='2c' --snmp-community='public' --storage=2 --display-transform-src='^(..).*' --display-transform-dst='$1' --warning-usage='80' --critical-usage='90'

With this command, i have ther error : UNKNOWN: No storage found. Can be: filters, cache file.



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Hi, this command works on my platform.

It’s probably the cache file who make problem.

the command must be launch with “centreon-engine” user like as centengine process.

Can you try to reload it with adding this parameter in command line “--reload-cache-time=0”? normally it’s automatically reload every 3 hours (180 minutes).

If not works, verify rights of cache files in “/var/lib/centreon/centplugins/”. All files must have centreon-engine owner like this:

-rw-rw-r-- 1 centreon-engine  centreon-engine   1122 Apr  5 16:47 cache_snmpstandard_svwindopar.centreon.training_161_storage