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  • 3 March 2023
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Hi All,

Anyone encountering this output on centreon, everytime WSMAN renew ticket, CPU usage on centreon perfmon peaks out and then normalize again, Which messed up the utilization of that server.



Appreciate your response.




Best answer by tpo76 23 March 2023, 16:54

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9 replies

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Hello, looks like the plugin misbehaves. Let us investigate and get back to you

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Thanks @rchauvel , Its just weird coz on our other remote pollers, WSMAN is stable. only specific pollers. I’ve tried to check the centengine logs. and the value is correct but its not normal. 


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Hey @kimpoy0730 ,


I can find the same behaviour in my lab, but I can't figure out why yet.

So far, I suspect the plugin used cache files to get weird values and cause this behaviour.


For CPU monitoring, this specific formula is used


I'm trying to find a way to track values returns by WMI on those specific time frames, and I'm afraid Windows itself reset some counters messing up the calculation.
If it's the case, there's not much we can do on our end, unfortunatly.

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Hi @kimpoy0730,


I have found the issue and have a solution; I only need to validate it internally before release.


I want to confirm that this behaviour is happening in the same circumstance as me.

On my end, I have that kind of wild average when the Windows server is restarted, but nothing on ticket renewal through the cron configuration on Centreon.

The value also only occurs for 1 single check. The value comes back to normal on the next check.


Can you confirm that it’s the same for you?

Otherwise, there’s a 2nd issue that I couldn’t reproduce.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi tpo76,


Yes, The large value only occurs on 1 single check. 



Also I noticed on our end that its only occurs during a specific time frame which the windows server restarted as well. 


Thank you for your response.





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Hi @kimpoy0730 


Perfect! That’s precisely the behaviour I reproduce on my end.


I just committed the fixe; it will be released pretty soon.

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@tpo76 thanks for the help, we’ll just wait for the plugins to release.

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Hi @kimpoy0730,

You may now update your pack and try the new version (released last week)

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Just notice it now, Our plugin version - - Global Version: 20220518 (7446d56b0). and its not included on the pack. May I know how can we update it?

or we need to replace the plugin file? we have offline license of centreon 21.10

Thanks in advance.