Do I need a licence to display graphs ?

  • 24 October 2023
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Je n’arrive plus à afficher des graphs monitoring avec les widgets pour les vues personnalisées alors que d’autres widgets fonctionnent. (voir photo)

Et même dans Supervision > Informations de performance > Graphiques je n’ai pas d’affichage. 


Au début de l’installation de Centreon il y a quelques mois j’avais l’affichage des graphiques sur n’importe quelle vue, mais du jour au lendemain ils ont disparus et je ne sais pas pourquoi.

J’ai essayé des solutions trouvé sur d’autres postes similaire mais je n’ai pas eu de résultats positifs dans mes essais.

Je voudrais savoir si quelqu’un à une solution et si c’est lié ou pas au fait que je n’ai pas de licence (ex : IT-100 car nous avons 100+ hôtes en supervision) et que prendre une licence n’est pas une option pour le moment.


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9 replies

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Hello @JonioDiPonio 👋

Has anything changed? have you tried to rebuild one of them? you should be able to see them.


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Hello @ponchoh 

I did what you sent me but right now everything is set as “rebuid waiting : Rebuilding”

I don’t no if it’s supposed to say anything else but I will let time pass by just in case since i have 500+ services.


One more thing, i noticed that /var/log/centreon/rrdtool.log is empty (0 bytes) and was never modified since i installed Centreon back in May.


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UPDATE : now each services says : “Rebuild Wainting : No” so i assume it finished rebuilding but it still doesn’t display any data on widget graphs nor Monitoring > Performances > Graphs.

I will check in about 1 hour maybe to let time for centreon to get data to display.

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UPDATE (again) : No signs of data displayed and i found in central-rrd-master.log this : 

and with a netstat i confrimed that centreon is not listening on 5670 and i never changed the config of this on the web interface. I tried to restart centreon and still nothing.

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Hi, I was asking for one of them not for all of them 😅 but all good… can you restart cbd


systemctl restart cbd


Which version are you one? have you updated to latest?

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I’m using the latest version 23.04.9.

I restarted cbd but nothing changed


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did they ever work?

do you have a config for rrd “Configuration  >  Pollers  >  Broker configuration”?

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Yeah they worked at the start when I installed the server then 2/3 days after they stopped.

Now i’m thinking if it’s not the nagios plugin making errors with rrd since we got the plugin installed and it’s about the same timeline we got errors.

Yes i have the config and enabled 


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UPDATE : We got the connection going by removing the IP “host to connect to” which was (wtf ???? how that would make it work) so now i see Centreon listening on 5670 with netstat and I can see the broker rrd connected in the broker stats.

But nothing is displayed on either graphs, so is this a permissions error on rrd files ?