How delete old perfdata

  • 1 February 2024
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Hello the Centreon community…

I use a Centreon (IT-100) on witch I have A Windows host monitored. Temporarilly we added 32 CPU cores then return to 12 CPU. But all perfdata (for the 32 CPU) are still displayed on the graph with N/A value.

Is it possible to purge the no more used perfdata of a service and show only the 12 CPU core  ?


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You can delete the no more used perfdata from the WebUI in the Administration > Parameters > Data menu

Search for the concerned service and delete the metrics you don’t want anymore


Hope it helps

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Hey… Wonderful.

thank you very much for your feedback.

Do you think it’s possible to set a delay to auto delete unused perfdata ?

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Hello @jbberthelin 




“Administration  >  Parameters  >  Options”



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Hi Ponchoh…

(Sorry for late reply.)

I made some tests but this parameter doesn’t seem to purge too old perfdata.

By default, the retention duration for performance data in RRDTool databases = 180, then

  • I added a new CPU on a host to create a temporary perfdata.
  • I set the parameter “RRDTool databases” to 1 day.
  • I waited the new CPU starting to be draw in the graph of the RRD database.
  • I remove the “new” CPU and wait for 1 day

=> The perfdata is still present.


I deleted manually the perfdata related to the new CPU, then I redo the same test with the parameter “RRDTool databases” already set to 1 day and the behaviour is same.


I’m not sure that this is possible that old perfdata (according to some threshold) can be automatically deleted.


Thank you all the same for your answer.