How do you export a list of unreachable host ?

  • 20 December 2022
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I don’t know if it’s possible and I can’t seem to find a answer on the documentation.

I would like to export in a csv format a list of all the non pingable host at a certain time.

Thanks in advance for your feedback


Best answer by Baptiste 24 December 2022, 11:20

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2 replies

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Hello, here is a way to return all non-pingable hosts for a given period:

Go to the Monitoring > Event Log menu,

In this menu you will find a set of filters allowing you to refine your search, the filters that will interest us in our case are the filters: "Host", "From", "To" and "Status".

In the fields mentioned below you can fill in the list of hosts concerned by your search, the start and end date of the scope of your search as well as the status of the item to be searched, here "Unreachebable" for non-pingable hosts

Once your filter parameters have been entered, all you have to do is click on the "Apply period" button and the result of your search will appear in a table under the filters, finally a CSV export button will be available next to it. of the pagination of the page, clicking on this button will launch the downloading of the result of your search in csv format.

Best regards Baptiste

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Hello, first of all thanks for the reply.

The solution that you (@Baptiste) provide suits me. I just have to change the period to “today” and it get me the list I want.

However, it tells me when a host has been down but it can also make duplicate.

For example I have a host that went down at 15:55, 15:56 and 15:57 on the same day. 

I didn’t see a way inside Centreon to give me unique entry per day. I’ll make a script that can parse the exported CSV.

Thanks again for the answer.