I lose my Ampersand "&"

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This is my first topic, please keep nice with me ;-)

i have create a service wich use a script python. i build an url to return on the field “Extended status information”

for example :



But when i receive the notification by mail, the character “&” (Ampersand or esperluette in french) is missing

This is my command of notification by email :

/usr/bin/printf "%b" "$SERVICEOUTPUT$\n\$LONGSERVICEOUTPUT$\nNotes : $SERVICENOTES$\nLien d'aide de resolution : $SERVICENOTESURL$\n\n\nDate/Time: $DATE$/$TIME$\nService: $SERVICEDESC$\nHote : $HOSTALIAS$\nStatut : $SERVICESTATE$\n\n" | @MAILER@ -r -s "Supervision ALICE - $SERVICEDESC$" $CONTACTEMAIL$


Have you got an idea to keep the “&” on my url please ?


Thanks a lot.


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This is because some characters are automatically stripped by engine (Illegal Macro Output Characters) when it substitutes a macro by its value. 


You can still remove the & from the list, but as it’s a char interpreted by the shell, it could probably cause a failure in your command execution and even worse open some security hole. 


Concerned macro are: 


Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot, it works now