Métrics Data from a deleted Service still shown

  • 6 October 2022
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We recently delete some services, but the metrics data are still available in Administration → Parameters → Data, even if we try to select them and use Delete Graphs.

How can we correctly delete them?

To correctly understand, those metrics are linked to *.rrd files on the server, is that correct?
So if the metrics are deleted, it should free disk space ?

More info :
Centreon version : 22.04.02


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Not sure if it just delete the entry in the metrics table or if it also unlinks the file itself. 


Anyway, there is no purge mechanism when you delete a service for example. If you want you can use a command like the one below to remove all RRD/metrics files that haven’t been modified since more than 7 days. 


find /var/lib/centreon/metrics -type f -name '*.rrd' -mtime +7 -delete