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  • 25 June 2022
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I use Centreon to monitor internal servers and it works perfectly. It is the Centreon server that contacts the targets to obtain the metrics.
Now I need to monitor servers across the internet without a VPN connection.
I think that in this case it should be the remote servers that send the metrics to the Centreon server. Is it right ?
I haven't found how to do this.

Can you help me please ?


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4 replies

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Hi @sibeasc 

I hope this helps:



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Hello @hmorales 

Thank you for your reply.

If I understood correctly this functionality will not meet my needs.
The remote servers to be monitored belong to customers and I would not like to install a Remote Poller Servers in their environments.


With Centreon it is not possible for clients to send metrics to the Centreon central server?


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In that case, maybe you are looking for this?{host_id}~1services~1{service_id}~1submit/post



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Ok I will look at it.

Thank you