Monitoring cluster state with custom color and no constant warnings

  • 9 October 2023
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What would be the best way to establish the following:

We have 2 datacenters, and we consider 1 DC to be the primary site, and the other to be the backup site.

We are hosting a number of appliances and by default, the primary/active node should reside in DC 1. 

I want to make a visual in Centreon MAP (Legacy) that shows where the primary node is for a list of Netscaler/Checkpoint and BigIP-F5 clusters.

Example from the netscalers:

sudo -u centreon-engine /usr/lib/centreon/plugins// --plugin=apps::protocols::snmp::plugin --mode=numeric-value --hostname=xxxxxxxxxxx --snmp-community='public' --snmp-version=xx --snmp-username='xxxxxxxxx'  --verbose --authprotocol='SHA' --authpassphrase='7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7'  --privprotocol='AESxxx' --oid='.'  --change-short-output='2~Primary~gi' --change-short-output='1~Secondary~gi'

The above works and gives me “Primary” and “Secondary” as output, for the correct VIP

Is there a way to give a custom color to the elements in Centreon MAP, which is linked to the state? I do not want to use the Warning mechanism, as this will constantly display a WARNING for the secondary node, which it should not. But I need to be able to give - for example - dark green color to the PRIMARY node, and grey color to the Secondary node, and I need it to change when there is a failover event

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