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  • 23 November 2022
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Is there a way, in a EPP-licenced version (or the limited free version), to know which installed plugins are UNUSED?

Is there also a way to find a list of all USED plugins?

Looking for any hint!

What I’m exploring:

  1. I’m guessing it may be useful to check the Databases; the config database “centreon” or the information related to performance data in the “centreon_storage” database. But I don’t yet know if any table holds information on plugins.
  1. Or maybe their is a simple RestAPI or CLAPI query that could provide information close to what I’m looking for? A strategy I’m exploring is finding host/services templates that are used using CLAPI, then finding their associated plugins via some other requests:
    # Host templates
    centreon -a admin -p password -e |grep "HOST;addtemplate"
    # Service templates
    centreon -a admin -p password -e |grep "SERVICE;ADD"


  1. Or maybe start by listing the content of all installed plugin packages, the look for the templates, and checks usage at other places: 
    repoquery --installed -l centreon-pack-*


I’m looking for the simplest solution really.


Centreon version 22.04


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3 replies

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Hi @uneric1 I think their is not easy way to do this.

Since latest version of Centreon, Centreon Plugins will be installed on demand when you export resources to a poller.

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@Laurent Good to know; thanks for the information.

Since Centreon does not offer any ready made tools for extracting plugins utilization statistics, I have opted to reconstitute it from the database.

I have identified the tables that store information related to plugins: it’s the mod_ppm_* tables.

For instance, the mod_ppm_pluginpack_host, mod_ppm_pluginpack_service and mod_ppm_host_service_relation tables have useful information about which commands belong to which plugins and which hosts or services have been discovered by a plugins, or have a plugin applied to them.

My approach will be to build SQL queries that combine information from these mod_ppm_* tables and the tables storing performance data and metrics (data_bin, metrics, index_data) to come up with the utilization statistics of the installed plugins. 

I think I’m going to work with that for the time being. I might update this thread once I have built some satisfactory SQL queries.

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Hi @uneric1 I think you only need to know is a resource (host or service) use a command from a Centreon Plugin