Sharing map via direct link or via custom view

  • 18 January 2023
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I created a map and I want to display it on our videowall under a different, RO, user account for whom we have disabled as much GUI features as possible…

This user only sees the Custom View tab, and below that he sees some Performance diagrams…

I now wanted to add a MAP as custom view for this specific user. The Tab has appreared, but the map in the tab is empty.

The I tried to just create the autologin link (instructions: but that is showing an empty pages as well (I just get onto the MAP page, but Standard view and Geographic View remain empty, while - with my account, I confirm that I see a lot of maps published there

We modified the Menu ACL as well as the Resources ACL, the kiosk user has access to the Map page, and has no resources limits

Please - how do we display the map (preferrably with the direct link as it allows to show the map without too much border


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1 reply

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My colleague found the solution so I want to share the information here to help other users

In order to authorize a RO/kiosk user to display a map that was shared with her/him, go to the user’s profile in the Central server ( Configuration → Users, 2nd tab “Centreon Authentication”)

At the bottom, it is necessary to enable the bottom two radio buttons (“Reach API configuration” and “Reach API Realtime”). When these buttons are enabled, the map is displayed for the non-Admin user)