Transform metrics collected by SNMP Plugin (Collection)

  • 7 October 2023
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Good afternoon,

I would like to know if there is any way to convert the data collected by SNMP from bit to Gb.

I'm trying to monitor a disk and it gives me the used and total space in bits.

With this operation I could do:
"%(hrStorageEntry.hrStorageUsed) * 100 / %(hrStorageEntry.hrStorageSize)"
but I don't know where to do it so that it is executed and saved in a variable, so that it can be printed later. I have tried the following tutorial:

But it doesn't work for me, since the "function" is for count the result. Is there any function that can do what I am saying (multiply or divide the collected metrics inside de JSON structure)? I guess it will have to be executed within the selection_loop, because I need to calculate it for each line returns.

Could you give me the list of functions that can be used? I can't find any information either on GitHub, or on TheWatch, or in the documentation about what functions I can use with snmp mode collection or about the json structure.

My Json configuration is:


    "snmp": {

        "tables": [


                "name": "hrStorageEntry",

                "oid": "",

                "used_instance": "\\.(\\d+)$",

                "entries": [

                    {"name": "hrStorageDescr", "oid": ""},

                    {"name": "hrStorageSize", "oid": ""},

                    {"name": "hrStorageUsed", "oid": ""}






    "selection_loop": [


            "name": "Discos",

            "source": "%(snmp.tables.hrStorageEntry)",

            "expand_table": {

                "hrStorageEntry": "%(snmp.tables.hrStorageEntry.[%(hrStorageEntry.instance)])"


            "warning": "%(hrStorageEntry.hrStorageUsed) ge (0.1 * %(hrStorageEntry.hrStorageSize)",

            "critical": "%(hrStorageEntry.hrStorageUsed) ge (0.05 * %(hrStorageEntry.hrStorageSize)",

            "formatting": {

                "printf_msg": "Disk '%s' Used: '%s' Total:’%s’",

                "printf_var": [





                "display_ok": true






        "custom_message_global": "All Disks are OK",

        "separator": "-"



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Sorry I meant from bit to %