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[UPDATED] Deprecated views will be retired [in an upcoming] major version

  • 23 October 2023
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[UPDATED] Deprecated views will be retired [in an upcoming] major version
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[UPDATE AS OF 02/12/2024]

As we are progressing towards next major release and still receiving feedback for required features in Resource Status we have decided to take a step back and NOT retire deprecated views in the Spring 24 version.

We are planning the Fall version and will prioritize those enhancements in order to be in a position to then retire those views.

Stay tuned and continue sending your valuable feedback!



It had been announced a long time ago that the plan was to remove the legacy host and services views as those are now replaced with Resource Status. This was visible both in the documentation as well as in the product.




Up until now, those views have still been shipped and it has been possible to enable them through Administration menus.

We’ve gathered feedback from those of you who still use them as you find that Resource Status breaks your usual workflows or does not fit with your user’s skills.

Even though Centreon 23.10 isn't available just yet (coming next week), when it does, you'll find several enhancements in Resource Status. We feel confident that you will be able to adopt it and have enough time to adjust.

[UPDATED 02/12/2024]

We aim at removing the following menus/views entirely from the Centreon user interface in an upcoming major version:


  • Monitoring > Status Details > Services
  • Monitoring > Status Details > Services > Details
  • Monitoring > Status Details > Hosts
  • Monitoring > Status Details > Hosts > Details
  • Monitoring > Status Details > Services Grid
  • Monitoring > Status Details > Services by Hostgroup
  • Monitoring > Status Details > Services by Servicegroup
  • Monitoring > Status Details > Hostgroups Summary


Centreon 23.10 adds the following capabilities:

  • Ability to switch view mode between All resources (as it was up until 23.04), Host View (where hosts are listed and can be expanded to view their related services), Service View (where services only are listed)
  • Revised search experience 


Resource Status with view mode All


Resource Status with view By Host


Resource Status with view By Service


New Resource Status filtering (Basic mode)


New Resource Status filtering (Advanced mode)


We will be looking for your feedback on these changes and how the transition is going. We still have one major release where additional adjustments can be made if needed. for example, we are already planning to add quick action buttons to the panel. Here is how it could look:

UX Prototype for Action Buttons


17 replies

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IL faut absolument nous donner la possibilité de redimensionner les colonnes car pour le moment ça reste difficilement lisible.
Rien à voir mais un petit PLUS serait d’avoir un bouton permettant de renvoyer une notification à un groupe/contact..

Merci et bonne journee




is it planned to make the Host and Service Filter by GUI accessible directly without opening a Popup?

Some customers and Help Desks using these Filters heavily (several times a hour, every day) and would have extra effort to display/modify the filter every time again. It is also not as easy to see at a glance what is filtered as in the old View.

Additionally some customers use own/custom Links on the Host and Service Detail page, it was possible with own Centreon Modules with includes/hooks. Is it planned to allow custom Links/Buttons on the Ressource Status page, or would it be necessary to modify the WebUI by ourself?


Thanks and Regards,


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Hello Centreon,

We are very happy with the new simplified search menu shown here. Thanks

But for us it is imperative that we can search again in the "Extended status information" (long_ouptut). It's a disaster to have lost this functionality between 22.04 and 23.04.

if you delete the deprecated pages in version 24 without give us back the search in the "Extended status information" (long_ouptut), our Centreon business platform is dead.

please give us back the search in the "Extended status information".

Thanks you very much.

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Hi Centreon Community

In legacy views, you can :


“disable/enable check” for a service



In detail, you can enabled ou disabled “ Event Handler “

“disable/enable check” for a service



It’s important to be able to make these actions via “ressources status” before disable the legacy view



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Hi @centreon-watcher , what are your use case to enable/disable checks and enable/disable event handler?

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We can send the change status of the services through the eventhandler. (a script is executed)

So we would like to keep the function : “ “disable/enable check”

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@centreon-watcher you use event handler to change the status of ressources and not “submit a result” for passive service? Event Handler are automatic reaction to restart a process for example.

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No when a service changes of status, a script is launched by eventhandler to notify a another tool.

In order to stop this mechanism, we can disable the check through the website (legacy pages)

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@centreon-watcher normally the event handlers only execute on non-ok states in SOFT status (before generating the alert) to allow "solving the problem". Maybe you need to change the retry check interval or the max check attempts.

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We dont understand our use case.


When we disable the check there is no more change status (no more execution of the check). In legacy mode we can do this action not in ressource status.


Moreover in centreon-engine the eventhandler is executed when the state change (SOFT or HARD)


Sorry for my english


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@centreon-watcher why you disable monitoring during the operation to try to fix the issue?

In Centreon, when you plan operation on your resources, you can plan a downtime to continue to monitor them and to disable notification.

If an alert appears, you can add an acknowledgement because someone working to fix the issue and the acknowledgement stop notification too.

But stopping monitoring means losing vision of the status of the resource.

If you want to use auto remediation (event handler) you must run your script on the first or second non-ok status (still in SOFT state), continue to monitor and if your resource after your script execution is still in non-ok status and in HARD state, you must notify.



Hi community,

we are using deprecated pages in order to get a “clean” link to a host from another software (CMDB) using the hostname in the URL.

For example, in deprecated page we can link to this URL

but using resource status page we cannot find a way to get a similar URL containning the hostname. There is a button to “Copy link to this resource” but is a large URL with parameter such as timeperiod and not containning the hostname at all.

We are really new to Centreon, perhaps there is a simple way to get it...

Any hint would be highly appreciated :-)

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HI @luismax you can use something like:

https://<IP_CENTREON>/centreon/monitoring/resources?&filter={"id":"","name":"New filter","criterias":[{"name":"search","object_type":null,"type":"text","value":"<NAME_OF_HOST>"}]}



Hi Laurent,

thanks a lot for the tip, it works perfect.

Another use case of this is in notifications via Slack, Teams or similar, where this way we can add a link to access the notification details quickly.

We do not need deprecated pages anymore :-)

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Hi @luismax what do you means by “notification details”?

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Hi laurent,

as you know, even if a downtime is activated, the event handler is executed.
We use the eventhandler in order to execute a script who send the to our alarm concentrator (hypervisor). A downtime doesnt change it. We need to be able to “disable/enable check” for a service. Its not possible through "ressources status".
There is a undocumentated api who can do it  (centreon_monitoring_externalcmd ) :
curl -s -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "centreon-auth-token:MYTOKEN" "http://MYCENTREON/centreon/api/index.php?object=centreon_monitoring_externalcmd&action=Send" -d '{"commands":[{"poller_id":"2","timestamp":"TIMESTAMP","command":"SCHEDULE_FORCED_SVC_CHECK;NOMHOTE;NOMSERVICE;TIMESTAMP"}]}'
with 2 the id of the poller where the host is monitored.


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This article was edited based on our most recent developments/decisions on this topic.