Virtual metrics and Windows disk space plugin (NRPE) label

  • 12 December 2022
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Hello, when I want to add a virtual metric to display the trend evolution of a disk space with metrics coming from Windows plugins and where this plugin (NRPE) generate disk space label like ‘C:/’ or ‘used_/’ are refused by the virtual metric config page

Centreon refuse to add the configuration for this virtual metrics. This is a known bug in Centreon but how to solve this ?

2 replies

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Your request has been taken into account, I will inquire internally and get back to you as soon as I have a solution to offer you.

Best regard Baptiste

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Hi @elementnc,

Can you show us the command you are using?

In my notes, I found these options (for check_nrpe): 

check_nrpe [...] -c check_drivesize -a "drive=C:" "perf-config=used(unit:B)used %(ignored:true) free(ignored:true)" "filter=type = 'fixed' and name not regexp '.*yst.*'" "warning=((free < 6G) or (total_used > 99%))" "critical=((free < 2G) or (total_used > 100%))"

resulting in:

WARNING C:: 64.29GB/69.655GB used|'C: used'=69031075840B;74043858493;74791776256;0;74791776256