Warning - regex and pipe in plugin command

  • 22 July 2022
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I have a status issue when I use the "" plugin to check storage.

I want to check a specific storage:

→ ./ --plugin network::stormshield::snmp::plugin --hostname @IP --snmp-version 3 --snmp-autoreduce --snmp-username user --authpassphrase pwd --authprotocol SHA --privpassphrase pwd --privprotocol AES --mode storage --storage=’(/|/data|/var|/log|/tmp)$’ --name --regexp --warning-usage 80 --critical-usage 90


If i run this command directly on my central server, i have a great status, but on centreon GUI, i have “Warning - (no output returned from plugin).

If i modify the --storage for /data for exemple, it’s ok on GUI.

I have enable the checkbox “Enable shell” on the “Configuration → Commands → checks → name:xxx)


Can you help me please ?

Thank you


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2 replies

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I have a “warning” if i use  --storage=’^(?!/data.*$)’, so it’s not the pipe the problem

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Ok, it was the “$” the problem.

I modify --storage=’(/|/data|/var|/log|/tmp)$’ for --storage=’^(?!(/data/Main/Data/GUI|/dev))’ and it’s ok.