A look back at Open Source Experience Paris

  • 16 November 2021
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It was a real pleasure to meet you (IRL, finally!) last week during the Open Source Experience in Paris!

This tradeshow was a perfect occasion for us to meet you and to discuss about your Centreon projects, your IT monitoring needs and challenges, but also the importance of IT automation


In case you missed it, two Centreonians led a french-speaking talk during the event:

The bintray server shut down on 1st May 2021. The dependencies of our open source Centreon-Engine and Centreon-Broker software were no longer accessible. It is impossible to compile a new version. How to best manage the dependencies on external projects in an open source product. Are there any long-term, risk-free solutions or is this pure fantasy? We can illustrate this point by means of the experience we had in May 2021.

Many tutorials exist for creating machine learning models. In most cases, a model is created and then improved either by adding training data or optimizing hyperparameters. But how do you manage the creation and optimization of thousands of models in parallel? How do you make sure that the models and forecasts are up to date? We have built an ecosystem around open source tools to respond to this problem.


Good news! I’m happy to share the recordings: 


If you were there, thank you for your participation! We love sharing moments with our lovely users.


As we’re continuously building our community, we’ll love to hear your feedback. If you have any events in mind that we should attend, do not hesitate to comment this post or create a topic in the Networking forum.

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Thanks Max - can’t wait to watch the recordings!