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Centreon 22.04 is now available!

  • 23 May 2022
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Centreon 22.04 is now available!
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In light of this release we are hosting a special three-part webinar series where our product team will dive deep and discuss these three key new features:

  • Centreon data source for Grafana
  • Integrating Ntopng with Centreon
  • Authorization & Authentication in Centreon 

Register now and join in with our product team live! 


Spring has arrived, and with spring comes the spring software version of the Centreon Platform, a.k.a Centreon 22.04.


We have been working hard over the last few months to develop new features that will help you go even further in monitoring. 


Discover here all the new features to come in this new version of Centreon. 


This is 22.04 in a nutshell:

  • Debian 11 and AlmaLinux 8 for self-hosted deployment, or Centreon Cloud for SaaS service
  • Automatic Plugin installation and updates
  • Auto-Discovery enhancements
  • Windows agentless monitoring with WSMAN
  • Dark Theme and other UX improvements
  • New Analytics capabilities with Grafana data source
  • New NPMD capabilities with ntopng integration
  • OpenID Connect user authorization, user auto-import and other Security improvements

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9 replies

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Just Virtual Machine files…

No ISO ?

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Hope to make an ISO version

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An ISO is not currently planned with the complexity of managing the diversity of distributions we added.

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An ISO is not currently planned with the complexity of managing the diversity of distributions we added.




And how to install on physical machine without Iso ?


No official ISO with CentOS  like v21 ?

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You can use packages : on a system installed with a base Linux OS (CentOS 7 or  Alma/RHEL/Oracle Linux 8 ).

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Can we make real time polling (every 5 seconde for example) with grafana ?

How it work, what can we do with grafana ?


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We are working on article/videos for the Grafana data plugin. In the interim you can get inforamtion through the documentation

The Centreon plugin for Grafana allows you to view performance data from Centreon platforms in Grafana dashboards and leverages the API to do so.

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Ok thanks, but i’m not sure It’s answer my question, can we run an real time graphe?

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Not sure I fully get your question. You can configure the dashboard in Grafana to get data from Centreon as often as you want, but the data in Centreon is refreshed upon your check schedule regardless.