Community Recap #24

  • 10 July 2023
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Community Recap #24
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👉 Alrighty, folks! Huge thanks to all of you who joined us for the Centreon AIOps webinar. It was the last hurrah before we hit the beach for some summer fun. But fear not, we'll be back in September with more webinars and the epic Centreon Summit 2023 on Thursday, November 23. Get those calendars ready and keep an eye out for the deets!

👉 Now, check out this shiny new group that popped up out last week. If you're rocking Centreon AIOps, hop on board and join this gang. It's all about sharing, collaborating, and cracking those AIOps mysteries together.

👉 We've got a snappy 10-minute video featuring our buddy @Laurent. He's gonna walk you through the process of setting up SAML-based authentication. You'll also learn how to import users, groups, and roles automatically. Follow the steps, snag our tips, and make your authentication workflow fly high. Just a heads up though, the video's in French, so brush up on your language skills or get those subtitles ready!

👉 Remember that webinar by YPSI SAS on CentSoc? Well, hold onto your hats because they've gone ahead and dropped the sources on Github! Kudos to @vcoum.


The community is begging for your superhero help! Will you answer the call? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💥


Our community needs you! Use your powers, share your knowledge, and make a fellow watcher's day! Let's save the day together! 💪


A heartfelt thank you to all the community members who are stepping up and offering their help! 🙌

  • @MichaelW 
  • @vcoum 


Show some love! Support the Community Ideas! 💡

Unleash your brilliance! Don't keep those mind-blowing ideas to yourself. Our Product Team is eagerly waiting to hear them and provide valuable feedback. Stuck on what to suggest? No worries! Head on over to this page and cast your vote for your favorite ideas. Every single vote counts, so make your voice heard. Thank you for being an essential member of our brainstorming squad! 👊


Newbie alert! Spill the tea, who's in town? 👀👋

We've got 12 cool newbies joining our community! Let's give 'em a warm welcome. Cheers to the newcomers! 🎉

  • @BASOM
  • @MikeYL
  • @koplewiczp
  • @kadder1
  • @J_tino
  • @nvyers
  • @jbberthelin
  • @josephemus
  • @t0bpr3
  • @SAIF
  • @Damien_A
  • @geezer123


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