Community Recap #36

  • 13 November 2023
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Community Recap #36
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👉 The 23.10 webinar was a smash hit! 🚀 Check out the replay here for those who want to relive the magic or share it with pals. Just a friendly reminder - it's an English-only affair. Big thanks to @rbignotti, @fmattes, and @Laurent for rocking the show! 🙌😎

👉 French speakers, mark your calendars! 🗓️ Get ready to dive deep into the 23.10 updates at the Centreon Summit on November 23rd at 2 p.m. Plus, we've got eight more sessions covering various Centreon goodies. Check out the details and secure your spot now! 

👉 Calling all Centreon Raspberry Pi Beta explorers! We're curious to hear your take on the latest arm64 package releases. Dive into the conversation and share your thoughts right here! 🗣️


The community is begging for your superhero help! Will you answer the call? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💥


Gear up for a brainpower boost, team! We've got a puzzle parade that could use your magic wand. Dive in and conjure up some solutions if you've got the charm! 🧠



Big cheers to the awesome helpers in our community! Your support is everything!

  • @Julien R


Show some love! Support the Community Ideas! 💡

Get ready to ignite your brilliance! 🚀 Don't hold back those jaw-dropping ideas; our Product Team is itching to hear them and shower you with feedback. Stuck on what to propose? No sweat! 🤷‍♂️ Cruise over to this page and give your seal of approval to your favorite notions. 🗳️ Every single vote is a game-changer, so let your voice boom! Thanks for being a vital member of our idea factory! 🙌

Newbie alert! Spill the tea, who's in town? 👀👋

A warm shoutout to the fantastic 15 new additions to our community this week! 👏

  • @cyrilverjus
  • @igorlefort
  • @sebastien.chanson
  • @Juillard
  • @vliard
  • @fabien493
  • @LaB
  • @ctropamer
  • @tropamer
  • @Jonatan
  • @massi
  • @milos
  • @ArthurJ
  • @vitene4776
  • @ikouyate


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