Community Recap #40

  • 11 December 2023
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Community Recap #40
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👉 Following on from this post, I'm sharing this article explaining the 7 main things you can do on The Watch! Fresh in town? Confused where to kick things off? Want the 411 on The Watch life? This article's got your back! 🚀👀


The community is begging for your superhero help! Will you answer the call? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💥


We've got a puzzle party down below, and a few more minds are needed to crack the code! 🧩🤔 Share the brainpower! 💡🧠



Last week's update


See below for updates made available since last week: 



Show some love! Support the Community Ideas! 💡

Get ready to ignite your brilliance! 🚀 Don't hold back those jaw-dropping ideas; our Product Team is itching to hear them and shower you with feedback. Stuck on what to propose? No sweat! 🤷‍♂️ Cruise over to this page and give your seal of approval to your favorite notions. 🗳️ Every single vote is a game-changer, so let your voice boom! Thanks for being a vital member of our idea factory! 🙌


Newbie alert! Spill the tea, who's in town? 👀👋

Cheers and confetti for the 14 new watchers who just crashed our community ! 🎉👋 welcome aboard ! 

  • @Cynexx
  • @acamara
  • @Izu
  • @Nicolas1326
  • @Bootleg1513
  • @mimu
  • @Jeanfrancis
  • @Fréjus AKA
  • @Flo
  • @gchapeau
  • @Mihai
  • @elmarsievers
  • @VDI
  • @eseyman


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