Community Recap #49

  • 18 March 2024
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Community Recap #49
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👉 Dive into @AltGr’s article for the best practices on keeping your platform up-to-date! 🌟🛠

👉 Every month, @fmattes unveils the newest monitoring connectors – stay ahead of the curve with us! 🌍🔗

👉 Registrations for Centreon Connect are rolling! Discover the event agenda and how to sign up here. It's all happening on April 4th at our Paris HQ. Be quick to register, as places are filling fast! 📆✈️

The community is begging for your superhero help! Will you answer the call? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💥


Some questions are hanging in the air, awaiting answers. If you've got any hints or solutions, we'd love to hear them! Thank you in advance! ✨💡



Immense gratitude for shepherding our watchers on their quest! 🙌

  • @christophe.niel-ACT 
  • @ruben_mendez 
  • @Stéphane


Last week's update


We unveiled a host of new updates last week. Dive into all the details right here! 👀


Show some love! Support the Community Ideas! 💡

Get set for a burst of creativity! 🚀 Your groundbreaking ideas are like gold to our Product Team, eagerly awaiting your genius and ready to shower you with feedback. Feeling a bit stuck? No worries! 🤷‍♂️ Cruise over to this page, give a virtual nod to your top choices, and let the sparks fly. 🗳️ Every vote carries weight, so make your voice heard loud and clear! Huge thanks for being the powerhouse in our idea factory!


Newbie alert! Spill the tea, who's in town? 👀👋

This week, we welcomed 19 new watchers to our community, bouncing back from last week's quieter pace. A warm welcome to all our new members! 

  • @Ark
  • @Rabiou
  • @opaline.martin
  • @Watch2JP
  • @Franck976
  • @mgllrd
  • @Jean-Pierre Laronde
  • @LN_ST
  • @rpj
  • @support
  • @Daniel Castillo Zamora
  • @BatInfo
  • @Ronan Levigneron
  • @userfriendly
  • @Centreon_enjoyer 😍
  • @jplx
  • @fzim
  • @Marc Nguyen
  • @Linus


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