Community Recap #52

  • 8 April 2024
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Community Recap #52
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👉 Thanks to everyone who joined the latest Centreon Connect! We had a great turnout for a session full of sharing and interaction with the Centreon teams and users. If you missed it, you truly missed out, I promise. Stay tuned for the next edition! 🌟👀

👉 April has arrived, and as you've come to expect, it's time for a new major release from Centreon: version 24.04. To help you explore the latest features, sign up now for our specially crafted webinars! All sessions will take place on April 25th. Choose from the French version here or the English version here! You know what to do next! 🚀📅


The community is begging for your superhero help! Will you answer the call? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💥


Here are a few questions that are still looking for answers. If you're able to help, please do – it's the essence of our community spirit! 🌟💡



They helped last week and we are grateful to them 🙌

  • @vcoum 
  • @christophe.niel-ACT 


Show some love! Support the Community Ideas! 💡

Get set for a burst of creativity! 🚀 Your groundbreaking ideas are like gold to our Product Team, eagerly awaiting your genius and ready to shower you with feedback. Feeling a bit stuck? No worries! 🤷‍♂️ Cruise over to this page, give a virtual nod to your top choices, and let the sparks fly. 🗳️ Every vote carries weight, so make your voice heard loud and clear! Huge thanks for being the powerhouse in our idea factory!


Newbie alert! Spill the tea, who's in town? 👀👋

Last week, we welcomed 15 new watchers to our community! Warmest welcome to each of you! 👋

  • @julius08
  • @nouhaila
  • @Paul Chailloleau
  • @gleventoux
  • @RSHaillard
  • @bernard.letellier
  • @ddm
  • @Tourniquet94
  • @matthieu.neel
  • @rezgui
  • @stefanotoro
  • @d_inoue
  • @thieryl 
  • @Claim 


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