[23.10] Performance data saving, is it needed from both Unified SQL and RRD brokers?

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I am trying to make sense of how Centreon broker works, and especially performance data storing to SQL database as this is where we have most performance issues.

On Centreon 23.10 with unified SQL output there is an option Store in performance data in data_bin, documentation states following about this parameter

unified-sql-type outputs have the following parameters:

  • Store performance data in data_bin Should this output save the metric data in the database? Default is yes. If no, this output will generate RRD data without saving them into the database, making a rebuild impossible.


However, RRD file generator output in central-rrd-master also have same Store in performance data in data_bin parameter, and documentation states about this parameter exactly same as for unified-sql-type output.

I am a bit confused, if both of these are set to yes are we then storing performance data twice into SQL?

If we would like to have ability to rebuild RRD data is it okay to set performance data storing in unified-sql-type to no and have it enabled only in RRD file output?

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