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The multiple bug fixes and enhancements in 23.10 compared to 22.10 are very appreciated. Thanks to the developers.

But I only see one “Duration” column although they were two in the legacy page (“duration” and “hard state duration”).



Why’s that?

If this is for a clarity reason, what I can understand (but strongly disagree though), I think the “Hard state duration” is the most relevant of both.

What do you think?

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Can see it from the details panel?

or from the tries?


It doesn’t give me the information of the duration of the last hard status change.


Here I know that duration of the last soft status change, but not the duration from the last hard status change.

This information was available in the legacy pages.

For example:

In other words: “duration” and “hard state duration” are two different values, and one can’t be determined from the other and from the check period settings. A flapping service may have a short status change duration while it has a longer hard state change duration. Both values are useful, and imo the second one (hard state change duration) is the most useful.

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Hi @Stéphane thank you for your feedback.

Yes there is only one column but you can find all information in the Details panel (“Current status duration”, “Last status change”, “Last check with OK status”) and in the timeline panel.

@Laurent No

“duration” and “hard state duration” are two different values

only one (duration) is available

I’d also argue that whatever is present in the timeline panel doesn’t change anything about the absence of the column “hard state duration” in the available column list.

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Yes both columns are different but both information are provided by “Current status duration”and “Last check with OK status”.

I note your request in the todo list for Resource Status.

“Last check with OK status” is not a duration, one has to do the math, and it concerns only the OK status. So it’s not pertinent if the last hard status was warning and it’s now a critical, or OK.